Murder Mystery is a mystery game prototype made in 1 hour. Use the arrow keys to move. Find clues. There is a ~secret~ invisible clue for those who can think well. Once you are ready to make an accusation, press Space. Supports controllers.

The murdered: Bill.

The accused: John, Barry, Fred, and Jill.


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When Sherlock Holmes Joins 2D


It's Good But Short!

I Loved it! I Can't Wait To See what happens next!

i chose the correct answer on the first try!

The story looks interesting .


I’ll probably not create a sequel sadly :(


oh that's sad :(


i can tell this is made in godot so i have a suggestion for you.

go to the camera2D property's and check the box that says "current"

the camera will be much better then.


Yeah I know, I didn't want a Camera in this game, so I didn't do that. Thanks anyway!


Did you beat it?




Good job! Did you find the secret clue?






What angle do you think Bill got shot from? (Use the big blood splatter and the bullet to figure out.) There, in that area, is the secret clue.