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Action, Parkour, Shooting & slowmo

Turret Jumper 2 is a parkour-platformer-combat game where the player controls the flow of time. Get slow motion explosions, timelapse walljumps, and realtime sprinting! Game features 18 levels with one boss battle.

Full, complete story

You play as a robotic turret that was the sole survivor of a war that destroyed the world. You jump through portals, hoping to find life. And you do find life. Evil life. In this game, you shoot, sprint, and walljump your way through a bunker created by the evil robot Polaris, who is using supercharged magnets to create a new world.

More story and details in-game!

Controls & gameplay

Move & jump: Arrow keys

Shoot: Tap X

Sprint: Hold down Z while moving

Walljump: Tap Z when you hit a wall

Slow motion: Hold A

Timelapse: Hold TAB


Gray block: Basic platform

Lightblue block: Glass (like basic block, but it gets destroyed when you shoot it)

Spike: Spike kills you

Pink block: Trampoline!

Green block: Portal. Touch it to win a level

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A game by Future games

Updated 5 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date 71 days ago
AuthorFuture games
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Made withGodot, Piskel
Tags2D, Futuristic, Parkour, slowmo, time-control, timelapse
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Can u make it free

Well it’s been on sale for a month, and I spent months making it, so probably not, but maybe.

great news! it's now free! Grab it before it ends!

Grab a free copy while they last!


IT'S ONLY 1$ KEEP UP THIS GREAT JOB Future Games! Keep Us Updated Please! AND right now is 50 cents ONLY What are you waiting for guys buy it now! i feel bad for getting the early bird (for free) MAN I-I I Don't have any words just do us a favor and buy this Masterpiece, thank you

:) :D /\U/\


This game is great! Its only 1$ and that is not very much. Me myself am a Turret Jumper 2 speedrunner. The game is so fun to speedrun. See you in Turret Jumper: Polaris's Revenge!


:D Thanks Ruts! You are the worlds best player at this... and you have "Expert gamer", "Speedrunner", and "12+ hours playtime" roles in the Discord server. Oh, also you are a moderator! I will probably give some bonus leaks for Turret Jumper: Polaris's Revenge soon. I aim for release in anything from 2 to 4 months.


Thanks! I am proud the hold title of best player in Turret Jumper 2!

You deserve it hehe!


I Recommend This Game To Everyone, In My Opinion This Is A Must To Play Indie Game With Story etc. Deserves The 1$!! I Could Write This Review All Day No Joke! I Really Like This Game! I Feel Bad For Claiming This Game For Free Because I Could Give 5$ For THIS! It's GOLD And CLEAN! All Thanks Goes To You Guys For Making This Game! Thank You Future Games! *I Will Edit This Comment When I Upload A Video On Youtube About It*


Thank you so much!


No, Thank YOU So Much For Making This Game!



Wish I had read all the buttons before playing xD missed a couple abilities I coulda used, but loved it nonetheless! Keep up the great work and definitely left a follow! Lemme know of any future games!!

Thank you for the video! I really enjoyed the video, and if you want I should probably put a note at the top, "Controls at the bottom of the page!"

Did you know that the game has a Discord server? (Link above if you want to join)