To-do and release date

Hi. I'm going to list a few new features I want to add to the game before the full release, and give a rough estimate of when the game will come out. There is a lot of work to be done, and I want to release a full, polished game, not a basic, boring, buggy version. Here's a list of features to add before the release:

  • New levels--at least 2 more
  • Clean menu--the current menu is terrible
  • New you win screen
  • Level select
  • Level editor? To make your own levels?
  • Music and/or sound effects
  • Story (complete)

As you can see, there is a lot of work to do. I hope to work at this every day, and so I am guessing the game will be out in a month, maybe longer. I am never accurate with these guesses, so it could be anything from a week to 2-3 months. Stay tuned! I'll be releasing lists like this every update. Meanwhile, enjoy the demo!

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Level editor? THAT'S GOLD! Level select? HOLY MOLY РЩДН ОУЫГЫ! (РЩДН ОУЫГЫ= holy jesus!


So, that may come. out. I have a new, extended list now.


sounds good i like it!


Made new list and devlog. Check it out!